Why do we assume that everything in your small living space has to be tiny too?

Let us think outside the small space and step away from the norm to bold, daring and inspiring.

#1 Let’s Add a Room-Sized Rug

  • Adding a room-sized rug to a room will actually define how much floor space there really is.
  • You could go for darker colours, but neutrals and softer lighter colours will make the room feel more spacious.
  • Yes, you can choose a rug with patterns. But preferably choose a rug with subtle patterns. Overwhelming patterns will create “busy” and you do not want that.
  • Stay away from rugs with borders. It will make the floor seem smaller, and hinder visual transition from rug to floor and vice versa.
  • Stripes would be good:
    • Horizontal stripes make the room look bigger.
    • Vertical stripes make the room look longer.

#2 Let’s Add a Super-Size Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall” you are the smartest illusionist of them all.” Mirrors create the illusion of “more”.
  • They give the impression of infinity and space.
  • They give the impression of more furniture and accessories.
  • Mirrors reflect light.
  • Add a mirror as the backsplash in a kitchen.
  • Use mirrors against a bathroom wall.
  • When decorating with mirrors ensure what is reflected is great to look at.
  • Mirrors can be installed in the back of built-ins, to create depth.
  • Mirrors can be put onto cupboard sliding doors.
  • Do not just put a mirror up for the sake of putting up a mirror. Give it careful thought as to why you are putting it up and what you want to achieve.

#3 Let’s Add Oversized Wall Art

 No more “hundred and one” small framed pictures on the wall.
  • Go for oversized statement-making art pieces.
  • Go for funky modern even abstract prints. Not too “busy” though.
  • Try your hand at DIY artwork.
  • Oversized wall art will make a space seem bigger.

#4 Let’s Go Big on the Lights 

  • Lights hang above your living area and do not take up floor space.
  • Given this fact it is the perfect reason to add extraordinary expressiveness to lights.
  • Change current shades to exotic ones.
  • Pendants lights give height to a room.
  • Lights are focal points and catch the eye when walking into the room.

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