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Lights do beautify the garage exterior and add to your curb appeal! Not only does it add appeal and style, but it also provides security and task light. That being said, keep in mind they should not be overly bright and illuminate onto your neighbour’s property. Not sure what size fitting to choose or where to place it? Our Comprehensive Guide to Garage Exterior Lighting – Adding Curb Appeal, is sure to answer your question about the correct size and placement of the garage exterior light fittings.  
1. Determine the Correct Amount of Light
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  • At dusk view your property from across the street or from the end of the driveway. This will give you an idea of how much illumination and lights are needed.
  • If unsure take a photo to your lighting store for advice and guidance.

2. Choosing the Correct Exterior Light Fitting Size

 a) General Rule of Thumb
  • Measure the height of the garage door opening.
  • The size of the fixture should be 1/4 to 1/3 the height of the door opening or simply multiply the height of the door opening by .25 or .33.
b) Beam Spread   
  • Beam Spread Definition: The area light covers from a distance. As light beams away from its source, it spreads out and becomes less intense.
  • Before shopping for a light, measure the height of the garage door opening (to calculate the size of the light fixture) and the width of your driveway. This will give you an idea of how wide beam spread there will be at a given distance.
  • Here is a simple calculation, to determine the width of the beam spread at a given distance – the angle of the beam multiplied by 0.18 multiply by distance. 
  • Generally, when looking for light fixtures most will have information regarding the light source, the angle of the beam and the estimated beam spread.
3. Choosing the Right Placement
Single Garage Door
    One light – between the house and garage.  
  One light – centred approximately 15 – 16 cm above the garage door, ensuring that the fixture does not interfere with the door when opening. If need be, adjust accordingly.  
Two lights – one at each side of the garage door.
Two Door Garage
Two lights – equally spaced above each garage door.
Three lights – one light at either side of the garage, and the third light centred between the doors.  
Three or more Garage Doors
Three lights – one light centred above each door.  
Three lights – one light on either outer edge of the first and third door, and one light centred above the centre door    
Four lights – one light on the outer edge of the first and third doors, and one light on the left, and one light on the right of the centre door.
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