How To Make A Tiny Balcony A Selling Feature When Selling Your House

How to make a tiny balcony a selling feature when selling your house?

This is a true story about how homeowners transformed what they considered an “ugly duckling” and a space for extra storage into a selling feature when they prepared their home for sale.


    • The Balcony – Before Photo
    • Through the Eyes of the Property Stylist


    • Our property stylist immediately saw the potential of this tiny balcony, with its three brown and red-brown bricked walls and stained concrete floor.
    • Can you spot the potential? Yes! The luscious green treetops and natural beauty is a masterpiece to behold. It is like having your very own treetop sanctuary to escape to.
    • Imagine sitting here, having a coffee in the early mornings before work, serenaded by a conglomeration of bird song before going to the office and you know you can return to the same wondrous space after a long day.
    • Let the Makeover Begin


    • The Concrete Floor and Brick Walls
    •  The concrete floor was given a thorough wash with a hard bristle broom and some soapy water.
    • Next, a high-pressure washer was used to wash away all the soapy water, dirt and grime from the floor.
    • The brick walls were pressure wash too.
    • After the wash, the warm brown and red-brown colours of the bricks actually accentuated making the walls look super nice.
    • Brown stained outdoor floor decking was put down on the concrete floor.
    • A border of white pebbles edged the area which made such a difference to the floor.
    • Complete transformation!
    • Add the Outdoor Furniture
    • To create a sense of more spaciousness the two dark grey imitation wicker chairs were placed towards the back corner.
    • The pure white cushions brought vivid contrasting colour and elegance into the space and made the balcony look inviting.
    • Keeping in tune with the surroundings, the decorative cushions mirror the tree scene before them.
    • A Selling Feature
    • A good clean and some decorating morphed the tiny “ugly duckling” balcony into a beautiful high-rise curb appeal which became the selling feature of this home.

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