Top 5 property styling tips for tiny apartments

Top 5 property styling tips for tiny apartments

21 Jun

We recently applied our professional property styling services in the North Shore at a tiny 35sqm loft style studio apartment. Here are some of our top tips for dressing your small home for sale:

1) Create versatile seating spaces:

We dressed up this tiny living room with a 1.3-meter-long two seater sofa with skinny arm rests to make the best use of the limited space. We opted for a single accent chair in the opposite corner and also incorporated a narrow console that can both serve as a study nook or a kitchen eating bench.

2) Neutral furniture pieces and subtle pops of colour will do the trick:

We kept the colour pallet soft and neutral, whilst incorporating soft splashes of colour through adding plants and teal cushions and accessories. The lighter colours helped reflect the sunlight streaming in from the kitchen windows. The subtle pops of colour made it still feel playful and vibrant without dominating the space.

3) Opt for smaller throw rugs rather than one large solid rug:

We used two smaller rugs (one underneath the sofa) and a round smaller rug underneath the accent chair to help soften the floor and create a sense of warmness on the grey toned floors. The reason we opted for two separate rugs was that one solid rug sitting in the middle of the room felt like it broke the flow from the entry through to the kitchen and also made the space look smaller.

4) Use tiny tables:

There was no space to add a coffee table in the living room. We used a side table instead and placed it next to the sofa. This can then be used as a coffee table when you have guests, or a small working bench for your late night office work on your laptop.

5) Mirror vs Artwork:

Wall art in a tiny space like this one can be tricky. Hanging a featured mirror rather than colourful artwork meant we still created interest on the walls without overpowering the space. Mirrors also reflect light coming in, in return enhancing the sense of space in a small area.

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