Buying a New House? Great Idea. Selling Your Home? Brave Decision

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Deciding to sell your home can be an emotional venture.

Like so many before you, the house you once bought, became a home filled with living memories. Pictures and portraits grace the walls. Lesions and scars, over time tactfully camouflaged by the odd rug or two or even three. Reminiscing clad the walls. What once was an empty space, is now filled with so much more – And that’s just it!

There is the emotional and personal attachment. The house became YOUR HOME. Your living space personified.  Prepared or not. Ready or not. The decision has been made. The Property for Sale sign now lighthouse your home. Your home will become a house once more.

Property Styling and the Property Stylist

 Property Styling is to the Stylist, what creative medium is to the artist. The artist uses oil paints, water colour paints and an assortment of brushes. The artist creates, conveys thought, feeling and invites the visual into the aura of the presentation. So too does the Property Stylist. As an artist, using household medium, the Stylist creates a visual representation of possibilities, enabling the potential buyer to see themself and their acquired furnishings, living there.

  • A tool that will save you time and is so easy to use:

The Styling Estimate Calculator can be used from the comfort of your home, during your “five minute” coffee break at the office, or even whilst commuting on public transport, and it is so easy to use.

  • Your FREE Property Styling Quote:

You now have immediate access to your free property styling quote.

The Styling Estimate Calculator will enable you to make adjustments as you see fit, to accommodate variables in styling costs.

Once completed, further collaboration will take place between you, and the property stylist who will transform your property’s interior into an amazing space, presenting your house for sale in a most appealing way.

Have You Ever Wondered What The Big Hoo-Ha Of Property Styling Is All About? What Exactly Does Property Styling Mean? What Does It Entail And Why a Property Stylist Is Recommended?

Bob and Brenda decided to move into a retirement village. Their three bedroom property had been in the market for a couple of months.  The property is modern, pristine and located in a popular area of a beautiful seaside town. In fact all the right boxes were ticked. Yet, though the Estate Agent had held open house and some people attended, the SOLD had not happened.

They then had an appointment with our Property Stylist. I will let them tell you their story.

To quote Bod…”We were amazed at the difference and the attitude when people came in and see the place.”

Their property was SOLD soon after.

So What Is The Big Hoo-ha Of Property Styling All About?

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Distantiating yourself. As hard as is it may sound – remember it is a house/property you are selling; not your home or your lifestyle.

The Property Stylist is not connected emotionally to your acquired furnishings and belongings. She is there to assist you in getting your property set up for sale.

Admittedly, visual presentation does have a voice, and so too do pictures and photos. A well styled home help potential buyers visualise living there, and enable them to “see” where their own furniture can go. Photos of furnished areas simply do look so much better on the internet, advertisements and brochures too and entice more interested potential buyers.

Property Styling is holistic. It is not confined only to the interior of the property but to the outside area too. This is most important to note. Your Property Stylist will endorse this. A potential buyer has no desire to complete an obstacle course before going into your house.

For more detail concerning curb appeal please see our blog – Five ways to instantly boost your curb appeal!

Having your property styled is not a luxury, but a necessity.

  • You can do it all yourself.
  • You can enlist the expertise and advice of a stylist, and then contemplate doing it all yourself based on the recommendations of the stylist.
  • Your property can be styled professionally by the stylist:
    • Using your furniture and that of the styling company (Partial Property Styling)
    • Using furniture and accessories provided by the styling company (Full Property Styling)

We have often heard the comment – “I never knew my place could look this nice.” As home owner, we become complacent in our surrounds. Your property stylist has a natural skill and eye and know how to style according to the trends, demographic, and “feel” of the property, making it appealing to potential buyers.


We have actually had clients, requesting our interior design expertise after a property styling.

What Does Property Styling Entail

Preparation! The question that should be asked: “What returns do you the current owner of the property expect and what results do you want to achieve?” What are you prepared to invest in obtaining the result? Time? Money?

There could be financial outlay in the preparation for the final presentation. For example, the bedroom window that has had a crack in it now for months would need to be repaired. The front door may need sanding and a new coat of varnish or paint. Guttering may need a new coat of paint. Overgrown hedges need a trim.

Cleaning and tidy up would paramount. Scattered belongings would need to be cleared or packed away. Family photos do you proud, but the potential buyer has no connection with them at all, so these need to be put away.

Declutter; less is best!


Are you overwhelmed?  Sure, understandably so. That brings me to my next point –


Why a Property Stylist Is Recommended?

Yes, you can decide to style your property yourself. You have done all the time consuming necessary research, all the repairs and maybe paint jobs. Decluttered, cleaned and re-arranged. You have taken photos, and the property is being advertised. But, are you sure that despite all your own effort, enough was done to appeal to the buyers’ market?

…and this is the reason why the experience, expertise and service of a property stylist should be preferred. As mentioned before, there are options available for the owner to choose from to professionally style the property. Included in the portfolio would be a wealth of information, loads of advice and support.

The Property Stylist knows how competitive the housing market is. She knows the recipe, the required ingredients and the quantities, measured and mixed together to present a property to achieve a successful sale in the shortest time possible.

Real Estate Agents agree that styling your property will help increase a higher sales price and a quicker sale.

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