5 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home This Winter

Jul 11, 2018

It’s that time of year again when you just want to spend as much time inside as possible (particularly all rugged up on the couch!) Through our years of experience doing Property Styling all over Sydney, we have picked up tricks and tips along the way that that make sense for the current season, to ensure that our spaces feel inviting as possible for our Clients. Here are 5 ways to add warmth to your home this winter:

1. ) Use lots of warm light bulbs and candles

Switching your cold-white lamp bulbs to a warm-yellow bulb makes such a huge difference! Having those hints of yellow can make the space feel similarly to having the sunlight shining through; so for those cool, overcast days this trick works wonders! Nothing screams warm and cosy like some burning candles as well. A personal favourite of mine are woodwick candles that actually make a crackling sound when lit – just like a burning fire!

2. ) Layer different textures – the more, the better!

Playing around with different textures is so fun around this time and layering different textures really gives off that sense of warmth and comfort we are all seeking. Flooring is very important to consider and if you have tiles, throwing down a few rugs will not only keep your feet warm, but they are also a great way of zoning out different spaces which can make them feel a lot cosier than having a big open space with no distinction. I encourage you to ignore the ‘less is more’ rule with this one and feel free to add as many cushions, throws and rugs as you’d like!

3.) Make sure you’re using warm colours (red/orange/yellow)

There is actually psychology involved with the way that our brains see and react to certain colours, and it is proven that colours such as red, orange and yellow can actually make you feel warmer! During this chilly, winter period it would be best to incorporate these colours in your soft furnishings (eg. rugs, cushions, throws, etc.) and try to avoid some of the cooler colours such as blues, greens and purples.

4.) More timber, less glass and metal!

Using timber in your home is a great way to achieve an added sense of warmth. Not only do the brown and beige tones in timber give a warm feeling, but as it is a natural material, it means you are also able to bring that organic, outdoor element within the home without having to leave! Minimising your use of glass and metal products is also recommended to keep the place feeling warm.

5.) Create a cosier space with a different furniture layout

We are living in an era where big, open spaces are all the rage. However, when winter rolls around we end up seeking cosy nooks! A great, affordable idea is simply to rearrange your furniture by bringing some pieces closer together or sectioning them so that you’ve created a smaller area to get rugged up in. This will give you that cocoon feeling where you don’t feel as exposed to breezes and are able to hibernate until it’s all over!

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