8 Ways to Revamp Your Front Door Appeal

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The Importance Of Front Door Appeal When Selling Your Home

Whether the home you are selling is a house, townhouse, apartment or unit, the front door is a component of the general curb appeal. Interested buyers will definitely take serious notice of the front door.

It will evoke either a positive or negative interest, depending on the appearance of the front door, and front door area.

Therefore, do not underestimate the value and importance of front door appeal – “it has the power to attract more buyers and help sell your home.”

 Here to help you are 8 Ways to Revamp Your Front Door Appeal


  1. Ensure the Pathway Leading To The Front Door Has Had A Good High-Pressure Wash
  • Who knows what beautiful tiles or natural slate will be revealed, once all the grime has been washed off?
  • As this is the path leading up to the front door, it too needs to exhibit appeal.

2. Light Up the Pathway to The Front Door

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  •  Ensure all garden path lights are working.
  • If there are currently no lights, invest in a few, to light the way to the front door.
  • Placing the lighting strategically and eloquently to subtly draw attention to the surrounds. Only a few lights will, therefore, be necessary.
  • Good solar lights will cast soft light and will present well too.
  • Keep pathway swept and debris free.

3. The Front Door Appeal

The front door needs to be stately and fit in with the theme of the home.

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  • Paint the front door with an inviting and welcoming colour. A colour which will complement the walls and area.
  • Should you have an oak door and decide to revarnish or stain, use a varnish or stain that will emphasise the grain.
  • Or you could opt for a brand-new front door instead.
  • Ensure the doorbell is working.
  • If there is a door knocker, ensure that it is shiny and clean. Rather replace it, if it does not do justice to the new door appeal.
  • Change the door handle to add panache. This will complement and show off the door.
  • Adding a new doormat will make an inexpensive nice addition to the welcoming appeal.
  • Ensure the property number is in plain sight, clean and appealing. If necessary, replace with new numbers, that will be seen clearly, and add to the front door appeal.

4. Paint Window frames and Door Architrave

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

  • Replace broken windows.
  • Remove old paint from the frames and repaint.
  • All glass panelling and windows are to be sparkling clean.
  • Remove dead insects lying on the window sill inside and outside.
  • Remove all cobwebs.
  • Pack away all window ornaments.
  • Remove plants from the window sill.
  • Ensure the architrave is clean and cobweb free.
  • Does the current architrave colour complement the new/repainted door? If not, repaint.

5. Light up the Front Door Appeal

Image by GoranH on Pixabay


  • For that dramatic effect and defining look at the front door, change the exterior lighting fixtures to flatter the front door appeal.
  • Choosing the right fixture and how to hang or place it, may involve some planning and a bit of maths. Here your property stylist, interior decorator, real estate agent or in-house outdoor lighting expert should be able to advise you or point you in the right direction.
  • Remember to switch the lights on at dusk. You never know when a potential buyer may be going past your property and be captivated by the appealing view.

6.   Add a Plant or Two

Image by hangela on Pixabay

  • Adding plants to your door appeal will not only compliment but add colour, diversity and interest.
  • If you do not have plants, use artificial ones. Artificial plants look so much like the real thing these days.
  • Word of warning though. Do not overdo it on plants.
  • Keep plants and area cobweb
  • Sweep regularly.

7.   The Mail Box

Image by bluebudgie on Pixabay

  • Whether the post box is at the front door or at the curb, it too will need a makeover, repair, or to be replaced.
  • Remove mail, newspaper and advertisement paraphernalia daily.

8. DIY –  Need a little guidance?

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